Elon rachète la société qui a vendu son avion et licencie tous ceux qui y travaillaient


A teenager discovered the location of Elon Musk’s plane. It turns out that the boy was just his double. He disclosed the information not knowing that it had already spread to people through Twitter.

He didn’t know this because the company that sold him the date did it for him. After receiving various information, the organization had to contact him personally to confirm the information.

Everything becomes very complicated when various unverified information is sold to various people and appears on the Internet. Among them was Joe Brown, a farm owner who did not want anything to do with Elon Musk, saying the tech billionaire gave him nearly fifty million dollars for no reason.

Another teenager, whose name is Sweeny, is offended by the accusation made against him. They also accused him of selling information. He created a network of bots to analyze non-personalized FAA flight data and live traffic data to figure out where the line was.

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